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Kelly School – Promises Made

September 17, 2013

Bobbi and I let the Superintendent know we would accept the teaching positions at Kelly School, and work hard to make it a great learning environment for all the students in our care.  Armed with our decision the Superintendent held a meeting with all the parents from Kelly, Wyoming and the parents whose children would be leaving Jackson Elementary School in town.  He anticipated some opposition to his plan and went to the meeting prepared with lots of promises.  He promised the parents that the two rooms would be improved with most of the work being done to the bare bones basement room, my classroom.  He promised to construct a beautiful play ground with new play equipment and a grassy area for kickball, soccer, softball, etc.  He said the upper playground would be for older students and there would be a lower play ground  for the younger children.  Then he announced that Bobbi and I, both experienced teachers with masters’ degrees would be the teachers.  Most parents were impressed and cooperative except for one mother who was not at all happy.  She had many objections with the main one being the large campground bordering the school’s play ground.  She said the children would see awful things going on in the campground including people relieving themselves out in the open.  To take care of this issue, the Superintendent promised a six foot high wooden fence would be erected blocking any view of the campground.  The promises were made, the meeting ended on a positive note, everyone left all satisfied except the one mother.  A month or so later the Superintendent accepted an assignment in a school system in another state.  Now Bobbi and I are faced with the prospect of unkept promises and jobs at a school lacking the facilities that children in every other school enjoyed.  It could end up as a public relations problem.  We could not let this happened. and we made plans to make sure it didn’t.  Next blog-We Swing into Action for the chidden at Kelly School.

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