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Kelly School – A Neighbor’s Call

October 3, 2013

Our great neighbor knew we were working on getting Kelly School ready for opening day the Tuesday after Labor Day.  I had no sooner finished all the raking of dirt and our neighbor, Bill called.  He said they were getting new carpeting and did I want the carpeting that they were replacing.  He said it was in very good condition with very little wear.  Without a second’s hesitation, I said, “You bet!”  The carpeting would go in the lower room where I would have the K-2 children.  It was a nice gold color and short shag.  It would make the room much more cozy and improve the sound.  When I loaded it into my pick up truck and arrived at Kelly School I found out it covered almost all the room and needed no cutting.  My next project to improve the interior of both rooms would get a big boost from one thousand seven hundred miles away.  It happened on our annual trip to visit friends and relatives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Mrs. T as the children would call Bobbi had a nephew whose father owned a large discount store similar to today’s Target Stores.  Ross’ father was remodeling his store and installing new counters and shelving.  When we visited the store to see what was being done, I noticed large stacks of used 5/8 inch plywood along one wall.  A question popped into my mind.  I asked Ross’ dad what was going to happen to the plywood used on the old shelving.  He said it was going to be hauled to the landfill and probably burned.  I mentioned the need for just that kind of wood to use to build book shelves and study carrels along two walls at Kelly School.  His immediate response, “Help yourself to all you want.”  I showered him with thank you after thank you.  On our way back to Jackson Hole our little Chevy pick up truck was loaded down with plywood for Kelly School.  Our school district was operating on an austerity budget and had no money to put into improvements for Kelly School.  Back at Kelly School the third week in August, I had just enough time left to build shelves and study carrels along the west wall in each of our rooms.  When I finished the building of the shelves and study carrels, I had a very small supply of plywood left over.  With all the work done and summer ending, Mrs. T and I began making plans to create ways to have great physical activities even though we had no gymnasium.  You’ll learn about our plans soon.  Regards, Mr. T

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