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January 2, 2014

Surgery to replace a 17 year old artificial hip should have resulted in a few days in the hospital, return home, and recover in a few weeks.  Instead while removing the old metal  hip the femur shattered creating the need for 14 units of blood, the rebuilding of the femur with the help of a stainless steel rod, a week in ICU, three days in the hospital, followed by three weeks of rehab in our Living Center.  The physical therapy is on going and walking is assisted by a cane.  I am ready to continue the blog about our adventures as the two teachers at Kelly School.  We were the only school with no gym in a location where winters are long and cold.  Our plan included creative ways to take advantage of every possible way to provide rest activities for the children in our care.  The playground was ready for kickball, capture the flag, softball, soccer, and other team games.  With the long winter coming we planned to have an ice skating rink, I made bird houses to sell using the money to buy children’s cross country skis, poles, and boots, some of the money went for plastic sleds for the hill just west of the school building, and I planned to stack all the desks in my basement room along the east wall so my room would be our “gym” where we could have mats for gymnastics and exercise.  Needless to say we had our work cut out for us.  School began the day after Labor Day with a flag raising on our flag pole that was a lodgepole log fastened to our buck rail fence in center field.  29 boys and girls, two teachers, a teacher’s aide, and several parents stood at attention as the flag was raised followed by the reciting of the Pledge.  This was followed by brief remarks of welcome and a sharing of our plans for a great year at Kelly School.  Finally we had a simple standard of conduct we would expect from each boy and girl, respect everyone at our school and always work hard.  With the opening ceremonies over we all walked into our rooms for the first day together.  Now as teachers we set high standards for ourselves to do everything possible to help each child reach their full potential.  It would be a great year.  Stay logged in for more.  Little did we know what we were in for in our tiny school.

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