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Two Great Phone Calls

January 16, 2014

Being called on the carpet for my interview with Dave Young at KSGT Radio and told that two school board members wanted me reined in and silenced, made me more determined than ever to be the voice for the children at Kelly School.  I could not and would not be silenced.  As I started to plan my next move, I received the first great phone call.  The call came from a parent who had two children in Wilson Elementary School.  He was an officer in the Wilson School PTA and a well known citizen of Teton County.  He sad he would like to meet with me to talk about the need for an addition to Kelly School.  When we met, he said he would like to join me and help out.  He said Wilson School was in need of a small addition and together we could speak with a stronger voice.  I told him it was a wonderful idea and that he made my day.  When he had a chance to talk with the Wilson School PTA leadership, he said he would call me and we could plan to meet.  Now I was really excited.  I would be part of a team.  Our combined voice would carry much more weight.  Two days later I received a second amazing call.  It came from a parent with children in Moran Elementary School.  It was a same kind of call I received from Wilson School.  Moran School parents wanted to join Kelly School parents since Moran School needed a small addition.  I let this caller know that now we were three small outlying schools ready to join in helping each other improve each school building to better serve our children.  After this second call, I knew we needed a meeting of leadership from all three schools to make our plan of attack.  I let the Kelly School parent leaders know the latest developments.  A Kelly parent who was an administrator for Grand Teton National Park in Moose, Wyoming suggested leaders from all three schools meet at the Grand Teton Visitor Center after hours.  We could meet, discuss the needs of each school, plan our next steps, then leave and from that time on speak with just one voice.  We did not announce the meeting.  We all knew we were part of a team nd that success depended on absolute unity among us. We left the meeting motivated and ready plow ahead.  As it ended up the plowing would not be easy with a superintendent who in subtle ways tried to block our efforts.  We were ready and regardless of obstacles thrown in our way, we would not give up.  Stay with us for the next steps. 

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