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Now We are Three

January 18, 2014


After the meeting in at the Visitor Center in Moose, the leadership representing Wilson, Moran, and Kelly schools put our plan into action.  Each school had building improvement needs and the message was given to the superintendent of schools outlining each school’s plan for up grades and additions.  The whole package would require only a relatively small property tax increase that county voters would be asked to approve.  All three schools reported that they received a cool reception for their request from the superintendent, but he agreed to present all three requests to the school board.  We all ask him to make it one package requiring only one special election.  We all agreed to accept the voters’ decision be it yes or no.  Knowing we did not now where the superintendent stood on the issue, we were ready for anything.  After a few months of waiting, we were informed that the three schools’ requests would  be decided on by the school board at its next meeting.  We would be there even though the meeting was scheduled at Alta Elementary School in Alta, Wyoming.  This meant we would have to travel over a mountain pass into Idaho, north to Driggs, Idaho, then left and east to Alta School, a round trip of over a hundred miles.  The night of the meeting 14 of us squeezed into two Suburbans and headed over Teton Pass.  A few others drove their own vehicles.  When we arrived at the meeting and were handed a printed agenda, we discovered that we were last on the list of business items he board would take up.  We were ready. We were patient.  We were focussed.  It was fairly late when our turn came.  Each school made its presentation.  The parents representing each small school did an impressive job of describing the needs of there school.  Each parent told the board they wanted to be treated as one with the other two schools and believed the county voters would prefer one vote at one special election.  Each parent said they would accept the voters decision with no regrets should the request for an increase in taxes be turned down.  Judging by the body language of the board members, thought things went very well. It did go well.  The school board voted to have the school superintendent proceed with the projects and come up with a price tag for all three. The late night ride over the mountain pass included lots of conversation about what had happened at the board meeting and what we might expect next.  We all realized our trip to Alta was critical to the success of our efforts on behalf of the children in all three schools.  We waited some months for the next step by the school district.  It took place at the Wilson School.  The school board sat on the stage of the gym.  There were no empty seats.  Wilson, Moran, and Kelly School parents jammed the seating and some had to stand.  It was great news hat night.  All three requests were to be put on special election ballot as one issue.  The school board voted agreeing to proceed. A loud cheer and tremendous applauded willed the gym. When the excitement died down, a school board member looked down at the audience and said, “We put your requests on the ballot, now you pass it.”   I may be wrong, but as she spoke I was sure she was looking at me.  After all this all started with Kelly School and a radio interview that had a far reaching impact.  I left the meeting ready to go to work on the special election.  Be ready the results would be record breaking. 

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