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Pass it.

January 26, 2014

Thirty three years later those words still ring in my ears.  I can still see the school board member sitting on the stage of the gym at Wilson School in 1981 saying that we put the bond issue on the ballot now you pass it.  My first reaction was that here was the seven member board of education responsible for providing for the education of all the children in the Teton County Public Schools, and they were dodging their responsibility to take the leadership in providing the funds necessary for providing proper facilities in the small rural schools.  Then I realized that this would prove to be a great asset.  Parents and teachers of the children needing the help would be the best source for the securing a yes vote, certainly not the school board that had to be forced to put the issue on the ballot.  I had worked on three levies for funds for the Grand Rapids Michigan Schools all of which passed.  I worked many hours to help pass a tax levy for the Teton County schools which squeaked by in 1978 by 44 votes.  I had helped pass a mill levy for operations for the Teton County schools.  This one would be the one closest to my heart.  This one would be for the children I taught every day along with the children in Moran and Wilson.  I would leave no detail out from all I learned in the five previous campaigns.  As I write this, I am looking at a simple brochure on the table next to my computer.  It is just a sheet of eight and a half by eleven sheet of paper folded into thirds.  On the cover are the smiling faces of 12 children from Moran, Wilson, and Kelly.  Above their pictures are the words Make A.   Difference for me and my friends in Jackson Hole. Beneath their pictures it says Vote Sept. 15.  Inside the brochure are ten questions with the answers regarding the bond issue.  The last question and answer covered the issue of cost that for the average home owner would be $12 per year or about 24 cents a week.  Among the questions and answers inside the brochure were seventeen more pictures of children’s smiling faces.  Now armed with a wonderful brochure we were ready to begin the campaign.  You will hear about our efforts and the surprising results ned time.

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