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Decision Day – September 15, 1981

February 10, 2014

The school board set the date for the bond issue vote for the improvements at the three small outlying schools, Moran, Wilson, and Kelly. Now our committee asked me to go to work and get it passed. The school board member’s statement to us was clear. ” We put it on the ballot. Now you pass it.” It was obvious that there would be no help from the ruling body responsible for the education of our county children. In fact one school board member added, “Be sure to tell the public we have two empty classrooms in town.” I sure would do that. One room was in the basement of the Jackson Elementary which would not pass the fire code, and the other was in the
Middle School. Tuesday, September 15, 1981 would decide it all. I decided to do more the ever before on any vote to get this one passed. First the ground work. Raise money for publicity, design a 8 1/2 X 11 brochure answering the main questions people might have regarding this request for tax money, meet with all district teachers, staff, custodians, bus drivers, and everyone on the school district payroll, meet with the editors of both newspapers requesting their editorial endorsements, write a script using it to create a slide show that we would present to any group, service clubs,, PTA, Cowbells, etc.
The timing of the vote seemed excellent, happening two weeks after the start of a new school year. Weather should not be a factor, although you never know about that in Jackson Hole. I was just starting to work on the script for the slide show when after talking about the campaign with a wonderful neighbor, Karly made a wonderful offer. He offered to take me up in his single engine Cessna and fly me over the valley so I could get arial views of all three schools. I told him it was a fantastic idea, and we made plans for the flight. Karly was a native of Jackson Hole and a very successful business man and a great friend. I knew now I a great chance for success. Next blog, The All Out Campaign.

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